Sermons on “Hard Times”

Traditional Service, “The Taste Test”

Weird and shapeless as your life may seem to you, to God your life is not at all shapeless but is tailor-made.

Uptown Service, “Be Ruth and See Ruth”

While there is much we can learn from a Sunday School type reading of the Book of Ruth that urges us to strive to “be Ruth”; there is also much we can garner from a mature reading which invites us to “see Ruth” and the Ruths who live among us. When we delve deeply into the layers of complexity in this ancient text we can emerge with a way to both ‘be Ruth’ and to “see Ruth”. That enriches us and help move us forward on our journey through the Old Testament towards grace.

Uptown Service, “Spiritual Whiplash”

Our Palm Sunday service is full of tension: Within 10 minutes, we shout both “Hosanna!” and “Crucify!” While it feels strange, that tension is the tension of real life: Rarely is anything in our life ever purely good or purely evil. Fr. Thomas looks at how Jesus resolves this tension.