Sermons on “Holy Spirit”


Traditional Service, “Our God Doesn’t Just Talk — He Blows!”

Baptism is the biggest thing because it ties us to God, who is strange. He talks (he won’t shut up) and he blows in human life, propelling us to the end, which he is.


Uptown Service, “A Hell of Our Own Making”

What we choose to care about can cause us more pain than we think. Something like Hell can come on earth but we can be freed as well.

Fr. Chris Yoder

Traditional Service, “Comings & Goings”

The Ascension of Jesus is the ground of Christian hope and the basis for the mission of the Church.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Traditional Service, “And the Fire Comes Down!”

In the Old Testament, when fire shows up, you know God is doing something. And then it shows up — on the disciples tongues! — at Pentecost. What’s that all about?

Jon Jordan

Uptown Service, “An End That is a Beginning”

Pentecost, like baptism, is an end that is also a beginning. Each year we have an opportunity to make our Yes to God louder and louder.

Fr. Joe Hermerding

Uptown Service, “If Ye Love Me … “

What will the disciples do, now that Jesus is talking about his departure? What is the Holy Spirit? Do we still believe in the Holy Spirit today? How do we know it’s working in our lives?