Sermons on “Incarnation”

Traditional Service, “He Set His Face”

Jesus “set his face” to go to Jerusalem, which is a key to understanding almost all of Luke’s gospel: the point of Jesus’ life was to go to the place of his death, resurrection, and ascension. But how did the people know Jesus’ face was set? How could they tell? Faces are like sacraments: outward and visible signs of something that’s inward and spiritual and deep.

Uptown Service, “From Law to Logos: The Sobering Beauty of Freedom in Christ”

Freedom in Christ is not the type of freedom that we have always thought we wanted. This is a sobering freedom, one that involves full, unqualified submission to the will of another person. But it is also a beautiful freedom, one in which we know we are being guided and formed by the One who created the world and the One who knows us best.

Bishop Anthony Burton

Ascension Chapel, “The Geometry of Love”

Bishop Burton explains why our new chapel is named for the Ascension of Jesus, and discusses how church architecture is inextricably bound with the liturgy of the ancient church. On the occasion of the inaugural service in Ascension Chapel.