Sermons on “Love”

Bishop Anthony Burton

Traditional Service, “The Taste Test”

Weird and shapeless as your life may seem to you, to God your life is not at all shapeless but is tailor-made.

The Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin, Ph.D.

Traditional Service, “Naming and Obedience”

The year begins with a story of obedience, but what is obedience, really? It is not to submit to another’s will, but to hear, to understand, and to act accordingly. The almost unbelievable truth is that God wants to share his mind with us.

Fr. Joe Hermerding

Traditional Service, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”

What is the fire that Jesus says he comes to “cast onto the earth”? It is the fire of God’s love.

Jon Jordan

Uptown Service, “Rightly Ordered Love: Learning to be a Disciple of Jesus”

Jesus is more worthy of our devotion than anything else we hold dear. But how can we learn to embrace this reality?