Sermons on “Nicene Creed”

Traditional Service “Resurrection: The Daybreak of New Creation”

“On the third day he rose again…” These simple words point us to the greatest hope our world will ever know and see. The Son has risen and we get to behold him in all his glory and majesty in the Resurrection. Are you looking?

Traditional Service, “What happened on the Cross?”

Is Jesus with us when the going gets rough or is he just cheering for us from the sidelines of life? Did Jesus really die or only pretend to? And why does Pontius Pilate—his executioner—get specific mention in the Creed?

Uptown Service, “What Does the Cross Mean?”

The Power of the cross is the power of love. It is the answer to the most important of life’s questions.

Traditional Service, Guest Preacher

Ephraim Radner is a professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College in Toronto and the author and editor of several books on ecclesiology, ecumenism, the nature of Scripture, natural theology, pneumatology, and the character of the human creature.

Traditional Service, “Creed or Chaos”

The Christian faith cannot be shrunk down to a set of moral principles. Jesus said, “I am the truth,” so in him the message and the messenger are one. Creeds are like the score to a Bach cantata: they free us to grow closer to God together.