Sermons on “Pentecost”

Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Age of the Spirit”

Fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead the Holy Spirit was sent to fill his disciples. Pentecost marks the beginning of a new age, a Spirit filled age. By the indwelling of the Spirit, disciples of Christ are empowered with the very presence of God to carry out the purposes of God; namely, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people of all nations.

Traditional Service, “Fire and Smoke and Thunder”

Pentecost is all about God the Holy Spirit descending down in fire and smoke and thunder! In fact, throughout the Old Testament, God descends down in fire and smoke and thunder? But in the New Testament, where is the fire, smoke and thunder? What does that have to do with us today?

Traditional Service, “Our God Doesn’t Just Talk — He Blows!”

Baptism is the biggest thing because it ties us to God, who is strange. He talks (he won’t shut up) and he blows in human life, propelling us to the end, which he is.

Traditional Service, “And the Fire Comes Down!”

In the Old Testament, when fire shows up, you know God is doing something. And then it shows up — on the disciples tongues! — at Pentecost. What’s that all about?

Uptown Service, “An End That is a Beginning”

Pentecost, like baptism, is an end that is also a beginning. Each year we have an opportunity to make our Yes to God louder and louder.