2nd Annual Incarnation Staff Pancake Races

Shrove Tuesday, March 5 at 12 pm • Rittenmeyer Gallery

Last year was so much fun, we’ve decided to deux it again. All staff are invited to participate in this year’s competition. Costumes are highly encouraged; but you know, keep it safe-church please!

We know some of you are saying, “I wasn’t here last year. What’s this all about?” See below for more details. 


Pancake racing has a rich heritage dating back to the 15th century. The objective is to move from point A to B while flipping a pancake in a skillet without dropping it. If your pancake does jump skillet and hit the ground, you must replace it and pause to recite a penalty poem that goes like this, “Pancakes are good, pancakes are greasy, I thought that flipping pancakes was gonna be easy.” Then you may resume your race.



Pancakes and skillets will be provided. You bring yourself, a costume, and a syrupy sense of competition.