Area Lunch Options

Welcome Global Leadership Summit attendees! There are dining locations located nearby to the north and south.


Knox District Dining

Just North of Church of the Incarnation.
Requires driving.


Uptown Dallas Dining

Just South of Church of the Incarnation.
Within walking distance.

Global Leadership Summit 2017

Whether at church, school, business or home, you are leading people and projects every day. You’re leading in a culture that is constantly changing and redefining itself. Leadership takes perseverance, dedication and a commitment to stretch your mind, expand your heart and use your God-given gifts to impact your world in real and powerful ways.

August 10-11, 2017 you’re invited to gather with thousands of leaders across North America for The Global Leadership Summit. Commit now to be a part of this annual event designed to stretch and challenge you with world-class speakers, interactive dialogue and practical training.

Church of the Incarnation is pleased to host The Global Leadership Summit 2017.

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Incarnation parishioners

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Other attendees

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