7 pm – Mondays in June

The Ginger Man Pub (Uptown)

2718 Boll St (back patio)

Theology Live is an annual event held Monday nights in June at the Uptown Ginger Man Pub. Hot theological topics are presented by guest speakers in the comfort of the beer garden.

The event begins with short discourse by the speaker on the scheduled topic, followed by a short break to replenish pints and bites. We then move to a round of Q&A, including a few short remarks and raffles for door prizes provided by the Ginger Man and other sponsors.

Afterward, many stay to further discuss the night’s topic.

Theology Live 2019

America’s Better Angels: Good Discussions in an Age of Bad Disagreement

Christians have a common faith even though they might disagree with each other on a variety of topics. How can we learn to disagree with each other with truth and grace, in an age where discussions quickly boil down to personal attacks and heated emotional exchanges? This year’s Theology Live will have a variety of speakers discussing topics while modeling Christian grace and truth as they disagree charitably with each other.

Race Relations in Our Political Age
Monday, June 3 at 7 pm

Join Fr Thomas Kincaid and Pastor Shawn Torres (Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church) as they discuss race relations and its politics. How can we talk about these issues from a Biblical perspective without resorting to identity politics?

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Justice, Crime, & the Death Penalty
Monday, June 10 at 7 pm

How should Christians think about crime, justice, incarceration and capital punishment? Dr Elisabeth Kincaid and the Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin (PhD) will discuss their views and the challenges these tough issues pose to us today.

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Pardon the Interruption!
Monday, June 17 at 7 pm

Formatted after the popular sports show, Fr Thomas and Fr John will discuss many different controversial topics. Countdown timer provided. Bring your questions!

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Reaching Across the Aisle: Leadership in an Age of Political Division
Monday, June 24 at 7 pm

How can Christians reach across the aisle and have friendships with those we disagree, without compromising our values? What does Christian leadership and humility look like in an age of political division? Join us as Bp Burton interviews Congressman Jim Slattery (1983-95, 2nd Congressional District of Kansas, D). Rep. Slattery is a committed Christian valued in Washington for his bipartisan work.

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