Building project behind-the-scenes

Construction Update #7

In Magnolia, AR, a town three hours north east of Dallas, the trusses of the new sanctuary were crafted.

Ten-foot planks of southern yellow pine arrived at Arkansas Laminating to be sanded and joined into 39-foot trusses. The machine that fuses the wood together is called a finger jointer and uses a radio frequency application to join the wood planks. Then an adhesive station heats up the wood to add structural strength by layering the wood planks, similar to stacking pancakes. A pulley system, along with manual labor, is then utilized to bend the wood. This process must be completed in no more than 50 minutes to ensure the glue maintains its comprehensive strength. Once the wood has had time to cool and the glue hardens, a craftsman traces out the decorative features and then carves the shape the features.

The ten trusses of the sanctuary arrived on a truck, each in two pieces. An installer of MK Binkley erected the trusses. You now see them wrapped in weather paper on top of the steel structure. The wrapping will protect the finished wood from the elements until the slate roof covers the building in early 2015.

Note: This post was previously featured on the Lift High the Cross news blog.

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