Waller: An iPhone Walked into a Church

Ryan Waller
Ryan Waller (email)

This past Sunday was “Social Media Sunday” in the Episcopal Church and many parishes used the day to encourage their congregations to use social media as a way to share their worship experience with others.

Which I think is cool. We do it at ballgames, at dinner, on vacation, even our own living rooms. So… why not the church?

Now, there probably needs to me some sort of restraint involved. I wouldn’t advise taking a selfie while kneeling at the altar rail to receive communion. But I do think there is an important role for social media to play in our worship.

I walked out of Uptown on Sunday, opened Facebook, and discovered that one of our parishioners had quoted a line from my sermon as his status update.

I thought that was neat, and not just because it made me feel amazing (which it did) but because there’s so much negativity on the Internet.

Why not inject it with some positivity? Why not bottle some of the goodness and sanctity we experience at Incarnation and share it online?

Social media can be a powerful way for Christians to encourage one another, share the gospel, and post funny pictures of cats.

But seriously, we are fortunate to be living in a time when we can readily connect with one another and help one another follow hard after Jesus.

Think about poor old Timothy who we’re studying. He couldn’t whip out the iPhone and text St. Paul a question. Once he was gone, he was gone, and all he had were his letters. So imagine the intensity with which he would have read his words and meditated on them? You and I have access to so many resources, it’s easy to forget just how sacred and precious these words actually are.

So my challenge for us today would be this: Let’s use social media as a tool for spiritual encouragement. And let’s be mindful that in an age of endless information, there is no information like that found in the pages of the Bible.

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