Waller: The Surrender Of Lent

Ryan Waller
Ryan Waller (email)

Lent begins with Jesus in the desert. Alone, he spends 40 days praying, fasting, and wrestling with the temptations in his head. During this time we see Jesus battle temptation by choosing to trust in the Father as opposed to His own power.

At every turn, Jesus rejects the offers presented by the tempter to instead rely upon His Father in heaven.

But what about us? How are we doing this Lenten season? From dust we have come and to dust we shall return… We know this truth and yet we long to prove we are far more than dust, don’t we? I know I do.

Often, Lent is nothing more than a time in which I work desperately to prove I am worthy of God’s love and that I can display a certain level of religious acumen. I want so badly to use my own power to become righteous.

But that’s not what Jesus did. Jesus had more power than any person who has ever lived. And what did he do? He fasted, he prayed, he waited, and he trusted that God had not abandoned Him.

May we too have the faith to deny ourselves this Lent so we might receive something far grander . . . the grace and mercy of God.

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