Uptown Service, “Finding Strength”

Fr. Bob considers the events on the Mount of Transfiguration. He also considers the impact of that experience on Jesus, the disciples, and on us.

Traditional Service, “The Hope of Glory”

Have you ever had a ‘mountain top moment’? Are you afraid to talk about it? In this sermon on the Transfiguration, Bishop Burton reflects on our religious experiences and Christ’s promise of future glory.

Traditional Service, “The Dirty Immersion”

Join Father Olver in an exploration of why Na’aman’s wash in the Jordan tells us more about baptism than anything in the Old Testament.

Uptown Service, “WILL Power”

Are tragic circumstances God’s will for me? Learn how one man discovered that God cared about his pain, and reached out to bring an end to it.

Uptown Service, “Astonishing”

Father Bob considers Jesus’ authority exercised in his teaching and dealing with the possessed man in Capernaum. Moreover, he considers what Jesus’ authority means for us today.

Traditional Service

George Sumner is the Principal of Wycliffe College and a Canon to the Dioceses of Toronto and Saskatchewan.