Fr. Waller

Uptown Service, “Mission Improbable: Jerusalem Council Letter”

The world is no longer interested in listening to a church it can only hear. It must also see the church in action.

Fr. Hermerding

Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Jerusalem Council Letter”

The Jerusalem Council is a fascinating moment in the early church, and sets the precedent for how to handle conflict in the church, in order to get to the peace of God on the other side.


Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Conversion of Cornelius”

The conversion of Cornelius is actually the education of Peter, as a result of which we are here today. “God is no respecter of persons; ‘I should not call any man common or unclean’; baptism is available for every human being.”

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Paul’s Conversion”

As we launch into the second half of our series on the Acts of the Apostles, we encounter the story of Paul’s conversion. Is your life just busy? Or does it have purpose?