Traditional Service, “He Set His Face”

Jesus “set his face” to go to Jerusalem, which is a key to understanding almost all of Luke’s gospel: the point of Jesus’ life was to go to the place of his death, resurrection, and ascension. But how did the people know Jesus’ face was set? How could they tell? Faces are like sacraments: outward and visible signs of something that’s inward and spiritual and deep.

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Neither Male Nor Female”

Is Saint Paul’s famous proclamation about oneness in Christ license for self determination or self denial?

Traditional Service, “A World-Changing Moment”

The resurrection of Christ and the flowing of the Holy Spirit to all the baptized was a world-changing moment. But how?

Traditional Service, “Holy, Holy Holy”

When we pause to see God as he truly is, we find a more loving God than we could ever imagine on our own.