Uptown Service, “Questions from an Atheist: Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?”

As the sermon series on questions of faith starts, Father Bob takes on the question of why some prayers seemed to go unanswered. He examines the question asked by those from outside of faith and those who hold faith.


Traditional Service, “Sharing an Easter Life”

The stories of how the disciples and the emerging church reacted to the resurrection of Jesus by moving beyond themselves out into the world gives us a model for living lives that are a reflection of the meaning of the Good News of the risen Christ. When we move out into the world in service to others in Jesus’ name we show forth the meaning of the Gospel not only with our lips but with our lives, and that transforms us as it transforms the world around us.


Traditional Service, “Too Good To Be True?”

In his Easter sermon, Bishop Burton explains why the Resurrection of the body is such good news, and what it means for you.


Uptown Service, “Dreams Turned Upside Down”

Fr. Bob discusses God-given dreams and some of the issues that we sometimes have living them out.