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Two Signs… and then a Third

What do we do with those weird apocalyptic, end of the world monologues from Jesus? It makes us feel uncomfortable and weird. But how did Jesus’ disciples feel when they first heard it? Our Gospel passage today is about two signs of the end times. But for once in their lives, the disciples don’t feel awkward. Rather, they respond with a quiet confidence and assurance. How come? And what can we learn from them?

Counterfeit Christs

Have you ever been deceived? Who hasn’t? In today’s gospel reading Jesus warns that false Christs and prophets will surely appear and attempt to lure his disciples away. There seems to be no end today to false hopes and false direction. How is the Christian to respond? How are we to be prepared? Join Fr. David Thompson as he considers these words of caution against Counterfeit Christs.

We Are God's Children Now

To be God's child is different than being (merely) his creature---it means we can talk with him, and we can love each other in the fullest sense of love. It also contains a promise that there is something in us now that we don't understand, something that will appear when Jesus himself appears at the End.

Rector's Report 2020

Surveying the land of today's confusing culture, Bishop Anthony Burton ruminates on the weeds sown among the wheat. The Lord of the harvest will sort it all out, and our deeply rooted parish continues to be cultivated for the work of Christ.

Hail, Gladdening Light

Candlemas, which comes 40 days after Christmas, happens on a Sunday once every so often. It celebrates what Luke’s Gospel describes when the 40-day old baby Jesus is presented in the Temple by his parents, and the elderly Simeon and Anna burst into song at seeing the Light of God enter the Temple. And that’s what we need to remember. That God is Light, and in his light enlightens all our darkness. But why a 40-day old baby?

Life & God’s Glory

When Mary & Joseph offer simple obedience, God’s glory breaks out. How can that happen in our own lives?

New and Good Wine

Failure is common to all of us, and in my own life, I have felt like a failure many a time. Yet, Jesus’ miracle of transforming the water into wine at the wedding of Cana is good news. It’s a sign of his death and resurrection for us. But what does that have to do with our failures? Can God bring “good wine” out of us?

Christ In You

Many people tend to think of the Christian life in terms of imitating Jesus Christ – doing what Christ does, speaking as Christ speaks. But treating Christ merely as a supreme example misses the greater and more glorious reality of Christ dwelling in you. Fr. David challenges us to replace our notions of imitation with Christ’s inhabiting presence in the lives of his people.

More Than We Can Handle

Why do expect so little from God? And why does that make us expect so little from ourselves?

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