Main Campus

3966 McKinney Ave

Dallas, Texas 75204




Worship in the Great Tradition of the Church

That anchored by the Church’s historic liturgy, the Scriptures would be truly preached and the Sacraments faithfully administered, so that we may be ever replenished by the truth of the Apostolic Faith.

Grow Disciples of Jesus Christ

That our parish would always be zealous to bring people to a saving encounter with Jesus Christ and to equip and nurture every member for a life of full and deep communion with the Lord.

Serve the Poor

That this parish would never flag in humble care for the poor and love them for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Raise up Christian Leaders for the Renewal of the Church

That God might use this parish to call and raise up lay and ordained leaders for the renewal of the Church in our diocese, in our nation and throughout the Anglican Communion to the glory of his Name and the benefit of his holy Church.

We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the revealed Word of God containing all things necessary to salvation.

We worship one God in three Persons, praying to the Father through the Son by the Holy Spirit.

We take part in the Sacraments ordained by Christ himself, through the ministry of the apostolic orders.

We are an integral part of the one Body of Christ composed of Churches which, united under the headship of Jesus, are in the fellowship of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church throughout the ages.

We believe in the apostolic succession of bishops.

We hold the one Faith revealed in Holy Scripture, and defined in the creeds as maintained by the undivided primitive Church in the undisputed Ecumenical Councils.

We belong to the worldwide Anglican Communion under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We pray for the healing of the Church’s sad divisions and for the reunification of the Body of Christ.

The early story of Church of the Incarnation is in great part the history and ministry of Bishop Alexander Charles Garrett who arrived in Dallas on December 31, 1874. With his foresight and a financial gift of $350 to purchase a lot for the chapel, Church of the Incarnation was born.

It was originally located on the corner of McKinney and Harwood, far north of Dallas’ business and residential community, and in 1897, the Mission Church became a full-fledged parish of the Diocese of Dallas.

Under the leadership of its dedicated rectors and many devoted members, the church grew in size and service to the community. In 1902, Incarnation dedicated the first brick building that was used for the next 25 years until the church moved to a new building further north on McKinney called Memorial Chapel that is still in regular use. The church that stands today was dedicated in 1954.

The more than 130-year history of Church of the Incarnation is a remarkable record of faithful response to God’s call. Decade after decade, the people of Incarnation remained committed to serving God as a community of disciples by honoring the tradition of our worship, raising up leaders for the renewal of the Church, growing deeper in our relationship with Christ, and caring for the poor. One of the greatest tools for that mission is the physical space in which we worship and teach. It was evident that we needed to expand our campus to embrace our future.

In December 2015, we opened the doors to a welcome center, an education facility, and new contemporary worship space, Ascension Chapel. At the same time, we opened a two-story outreach center at 4061 Central Expressway, located at the far northeast end of the campus. The upstairs provides offices and much-needed work and storage space for our Mission & Outreach team. The bottom level, for several years, was utilized by Incarnation House—a drop-in center dedicated to serving the needs of high school students living in transition due to neglect, abuse, or homelessness for several years. As of 2024, Incarnation House is taking steps to launch out independent of the church, to continue the mission with greater clarity and autonomy.

Because Incarnation’s contemporary service grew exponentially and reached capacity in the Ascension Chapel, Church of the Incarnation launched the North Campus at Hillcrest and 635 as its first satellite campus.

The modest brick chapel of 1897 has become a 7-acre campus with two locations dedicated to serving God’s people. We would love the opportunity to serve with you. Please join us for one of our eight worship services on Sunday.

If you would like to learn more about us, or have already visited and would like to join our parish family, please read over our Mission and join us for our next Membership Lunch event called Incarnation 101. We look forward to getting to know you and connecting you with the many wonderful ministries of this church. Welcome.