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The Way of Christ

Join us as we launch our comprehensive Adult Spiritual Formation program, The Way of Christ. Each week we will gather on Sunday mornings for teaching on the core of the Christian faith, with a focus on what the riches of Christian theology have to say to us as members of this particular community at Church of the Incarnation. Building on our Sunday teaching, we will gather again each Wednesday night for a community meal for all ages and a guided study and discussion of how the Scriptures and the Christian tradition shape our lives as individuals, and our life together as a church family. Come and grow with us as we chart the course for God’s future for our parish and walk in The Way of Christ together!

Current Series: Teach Us To Pray

Lent 2024

Prayer is fundamental to the Christian life. But it can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. Jesus' own closest followers, noting the frequency and intensity with which he prayed, actually asked him directly: "Lord, teach us to pray!" In this class, we will do the same, drawing on the Scriptures, the great praying saints of the church, and our own Book of Common Prayer to learn how to pray together.

Course Overview

Week 1: The Shape of Prayer
Week 2: Prayer in the Psalms
Week 3: Praying with the Book of Common Prayer
Week 4: Intercessory Prayer
Week 5: Penitential Prayer

Sunday Mornings

10:20 a.m. in the Ascension Chapel
February 18–March 17

We'll learn from clergy and staff what the Scriptures teach on prayer, exploring a variety of passages. Each week we'll post the class online for review and to facilitate discussion on Wednesday nights.

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Wednesday Nights

6 p.m. in the Welcome Center
February 21–March 20

Get ready for Wednesday Night Dinners! We'll gather around tables, share a meal, and discuss Sunday's lesson in more detail. This time we'll be doing soup potluck, so pull out your favorite recipe and jump in with us.


Scope and Sequence

The Way of Christ is a curriculum curated by the clergy of our church, built out into six courses. The plan is unfolding! Join us as we walk through core truths of the faith, seeking to walk in the way of Jesus.

1. Mapping the Christian Faith

Advent 2023

Join us for a 10-week journey as we explore central topics of the Christian faith and practice, emphasizing what it means to be a member of our community committed to spiritual growth in Christ.


4. Coming Soon

2. The Church for the World

Epiphany 2024

At the end of our service, the church is sent out into the world in the name of Christ. But what does that look like in your week? In our class, “The Church for the World,” we’ll think theologically about what it means to carry the gospel into daily life and discuss ways to share the good news of Christ with those near and far.


5. Coming Soon

3. Teach Us To Pray

Lent 2024

This was the request of the disciples to Jesus so long ago. Still today, we who follow him would ask the same. Join us for this 5-week class as we deepen our understanding and grow in this vital practice.


6. Coming Soon

Join us as we learn this way together!