Uptown Service, “Mission Improbable: Riot in Ephesus”

At times it feels as though the violence of this world will never end. But for those who have been to the mountaintop, we know that it will.


Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Stephen’s Martyrdom”

Our guest preacher, Oliver O’Donovan, is a scholar, author, and professor of Christian Ethics & Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh.

Fr. Waller

Uptown Service, “Mission Improbable: Jerusalem Council Letter”

The world is no longer interested in listening to a church it can only hear. It must also see the church in action.

Fr. Hermerding

Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Jerusalem Council Letter”

The Jerusalem Council is a fascinating moment in the early church, and sets the precedent for how to handle conflict in the church, in order to get to the peace of God on the other side.