Traditional Service, “He who believes in Jesus has eternal life.”

As the Jews grumble against Jesus because of his ancestry, Jesus speaks of the bread of life. He speaks about the spiritual hunger we all have that affects our lives. Jesus comes to bring the Bread of Life that will give us abundant life and salvation.


Traditional Service, “How We Forget! And How God Shapes Us to Trust and Remember”

Manna in the wilderness was God’s way of shaping his people (1) to trust in him daily, and (2) to remember him through the shape of the week. In Jesus, God is forming us as his people similarly, to ask him for our daily bread, and to receive Eucharist weekly, so that we don’t forget.

Micah Dennis

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Recognition”

God feeds our souls with Jesus. All that’s required to receive this food is to recognize it, which Holy Communion trains us to do.

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Traditional Service, “The Big Sissy”

When we think we are alone, there is an omnipresent God whose love overcomes our fears.

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Uptown Contemporary Service, “A Tale of Two Prophets”

The tale of the two prophets, Elijah and Elisha, is really the story of Jesus and us, where God shows us that he is always God, that he is always faithful, and that he always saves.