Uptown Contemporary Service, “Making Peace with the Peace of Christ”

Palm Sunday is a day of great expectation, as well as the beginnings of great disappointment. Expectations were not met. Instead of a conquering king, the people got a crucified Christ. What do you expect from Jesus Christ? “What are you seeking” (Jn. 1:38)? Does it have anything to do with his cross? This is where God’s greatest deed meets our greatest need.

Traditional Service, “The Awkwardness of It All”

The road from Palm Sunday to Good Friday cuts through our own hearts, and demands from us, how far are we willing to pick up our crosses and follow Jesus?

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Breaking Bad”

Non Christians tend to think that Christianity is moralism and rule-following. It is nothing of the sort.

Traditional Service, “Who Says I Have Sinned?”

Hold off judgment: in the parable of the prodigal son, that no one tells that son he is a sinner. It is only he who says it of himself. And at that moment, he has hope for a way back–and grace appears even beyond his hope.