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About In-Person Worship

    Sep 27, 2020

    Returning to Indoor, In-Person Worship

    Bishop Anthony Burton and Fr. Thomas Kincaid made the announcement that Church of the Incarnation will resume indoor, in-person worship services beginning Sunday, September 27. View the video and check the FAQs below for more information and safety protocols in place to keep you and your family protected.

    Do I need to wear a mask?

    Yes. We ask that all parishioners older than 5 years-old wear a cloth mask (without vents) when they are in the building, for their safety and the safety of others. Please note that face shields are permitted but only in addition to a cloth mask. We encourage all ages to wear a mask, but understand that it may be hard for children under 5 to keep their masks on.

    Will there be a limit on the number of people permitted?

    Yes. There will be limited seating to ensure social distancing and safety. We will not require tickets for this event, so we encourage parishioners to arrive on time to secure their space.

    How will I know where to wait?

    Please be mindful of social distancing between family groups before, during, and after services. There will be ushers and floor markers to assist you.

    Where will I sit?

    Each worship space has designated seating and non-seating areas for the sake of social distancing. Upon your arrival, an usher will seat you in an appropriately distanced location.

    Will nursery be available?

    As always, children of all ages are welcome in every worship service. Due to social distancing requirements, the nursery will not be available at this time and all playground areas are closed.

    Will you pass the offering plate?

    The offering plate will not be passed in the pew. Ushers will bring the offering plate to where you are seated and hold it out for you to place your gift in it, or you may give online using your mobile device.

    Will there be a procession?

    To avoid close contact, there will not be processions in or out, or a Gospel procession at this time.

    Will there be communion?

    Yes. Communion will be distributed to you at your seat. Distribution will include the use of gloves and masks for your safety and ours. We will continue distributing only consecrated bread at this time (and not the consecrated wine). Consecrated gluten-free wafers will continue to be available as long as we are only distributing in one kind.

    Will there be singing?

    For your safety, there will not be any congregational singing, but we know you will enjoy hearing in person the beautiful music sung by the choir and band.

    Will there be a worship bulletin?

    In the Traditional worship services there will be a worship bulletin that will contain everything you will need to worship. In the Contemporary worship services, everything you will need will be displayed on the screens. As a precaution, all Bibles, Prayer Books, and Hymnals will be removed for your safety.

    Will I be able to submit prayer requests?

    Yes. You will have the ability to submit your prayer requests in two ways: 1) on the last page of the worship bulletin in the Traditional worship service or 2) through a link on your mobile device during or after in any service.

    Will we pass the Peace?

    As difficult as it will be, we ask that you not make physical contact during the Peace, except between family members. A nod and a smile will go a long way these days.

    Will the clergy shake hands and greet us as we leave the service?

    Clergy will be present in the narthex socially-distanced as you are dismissed by ushers by household. They will graciously nod, smile, and wave as you leave.

    Will there be Sunday School in between morning worship services?

    Not at this time. Please connect virtually to adult, youth, and children’s offerings online via the website and appropriate church Facebook pages.

    Will there be a time and place for fellowship?

    Not at this time. While for the sake of everyone’s safety, we won’t have a time of fellowship or provide coffee; it will be great to be together in worship. Individually-wrapped cookies will be available as you exit the church though. Also, please resist the temptation to gather in the narthex or other common areas. We know it will be difficult. It will be for us as well. 

    Will there be hand sanitizer available?

    Yes. Hand sanitizer stations are available near entrances and in narthexes. We encourage you to use them as often as you feel it necessary.

    Will you clean in between worship services?

    Yes. We will have a cleaning crew ready to wipe down all common surface areas in all worship spaces between every service.

    Will restrooms be available for use?

    Yes. All restrooms will be accessible and cleaned multiple times each Sunday. Restrooms have been adjusted for appropriate social distancing as well. There will be signage and floor decals to assist you.

    What about livestream worship services, Communion pickup, Church in the Lot, Backyard Eucharists, or other worship related activities?

    • Online services continue on Facebook Live. See details on the Digital Worship page.
    • For those participating via livestream, Communion is available to pick up on Sunday with prior registration by Friday at 12 noon. Check the Digital Worship page for the current Communion registration link.
    • Church in the Lot family services will continue monthly through November.
    • You can still schedule and host a backyard Eucharist. View details here »

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