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Can I watch the Live Worship without a Facebook account?

Mar 19, 2020| by Steve Marr

A few of you without a Facebook account have asked, so we are addressing the question.

  1. Can I view the Live Worship on Sunday?
    Yes, definitely! The content on our Facebook page is publicly available to any visitor, with or without a login.

    Visit our Facebook page at Look toward the top of our news feed for the latest.

  2. Will I see prompts to enter login information or to create an account?

    Yes, however, you can disregard them. If you scroll down a bit, an annoying pop-up box will even appear. Under the Create New Account button, click Not Now and it will go away.

  3. Will I be able to participate with comments and likes?

    You will be able to see comments from other Facebook users, however, without logging in to an account, you can not add your own comments or Like the video post.

  4. What if I miss the live worship?

    The recording of the live worship will remain on our Facebook page for later viewing or you may visit our Digital Worship web page.

  5. I did not read any of the above explanation, can you go over it again? 

    Sure, why not. Play the video below. (Sorry, it is a bit fuzzy.)

Kind regards,

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