Canterbury Trail Class

An Introduction to the Christian Faith and the Anglican Tradition

This class serves as preparation for all adults who wish to be baptized and/or confirmed.

“On the Canterbury Trail” is a class we encourage everyone at our parish to take, especially those who are new to Incarnation. During the semester, we will explore four major topics:

  1. The Christian Faith: the basic teachings and beliefs of the Church;
  2. Worship and the Sacraments: the worship life of the Church;
  3. The Anglican Family: the history of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition;
  4. Life in Christ and Prayer: the practices of discipleship and the life of prayer.

One of the highlights of the class is the mid-semester retreat. We will gather for the two most important talks of the class: first, on what it means to gives one’s life over to Jesus, and second, on how Jesus sustains us and centers our worship through Holy Communion.

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