We believe that the Student Ministry at Incarnation should be about connection. Our desire is for every student to connect with God and to connect with one another. We also believe that parents are an integral part of that connection. Together, we have the privilege of shaping and molding the future, equipping students with biblical knowledge and experiences to help them grow in their faith and carry it with them through college and beyond.

Sunday School starts at 10:20 am sandwiched by our 9 am and 11:15 am services. We have a brief time of fellowship before Sunday school for all ages. We encourage you to join us for a cup of coffee in the hallway, drop your kids off at a class for their age, and then sit in on any adult class.

We hope that your family will Connect, Grow, and Serve with us at Incarnation!

Sunday School Classes & Groups

Sixth Grade Confirmation — 6th grade

  • Time: Sundays at 10:20 am
  • Leader: Phil Umstead
  • Location: Room 29, Education Building basement

Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is of the utmost importance as a Christian. Confirmation will answer students’ questions about God, the Bible, and church tradition. It is more than a Sunday morning class; it is a program that helps students get connected with Christ, other students, and Middle School Ministry. God’s Word Speaks: students will focus the fall semester on key characters and events in the Bible.

Middle School — 7th and 8th grade

  • Time: Sundays at 10:20 am
  • Location: Room 12, Education Building basement
  • Boys Leader: Victor Mendoza
  • Girls Leader: Kathy King

High School — 9th through 12th grades

  • Time: Sundays at 10:20 am
  • Location: Room 4, Education Building basement

Middle School and High School students will be challenged through our curriculum, Jesus & Influence, to make a difference in their worlds (school, band, boy scouts, friends, etc.). Students will learn that Jesus desires to use their influence to positively impact the world for God; that their influence is impacted by how their lives do or don’t match up with their faith; that real influence comes when they put other’s needs before their own; and that the ultimate use of their influence is leading others to Christ.

Our Jesus & Stuff curriculum will also help students embrace a Christ-centered attitude toward their stuff — Materialism! Students will have an opportunity to learn that it’s impossible to both love their stuff and truly love God.

High School Small Groups — 9th–12th grade

  • Times and Locations: TBD
  • Registration starts September 13
  • Study: Diving Deep — Experiencing Jesus through small group connections and discipleship.

Diving Deep offers a creative ancient-future approach to traditional spiritual disciplines, like worship, solitude, prayer, service, and study. The soul hunger of students is to be challenged spiritually. To go deeper with God. Deeper into a spiritually disciplined life. A spiritual life without the candy coat. Stripped down. Honest. Real. Spirituality that grips hearts, and transforms lives.

Middle School Youth Group — 6th–8th grade

  • Time: Sunday Nights from 5-6:30 pm
  • Study: Relationship — Understanding the importance of Christ in your life

The Relationship Study paints a practical and real picture of what it means to walk and live with Christ. The Relationship Study explores the different characteristics of God as well as equips students to make wise decisions and develop healthy Christ–centered relationships.


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