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3966 McKinney Ave

Dallas, Texas 75204

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Sunday: 7:30, 9, 11:15 am & 5 pm
Monday-Friday: 8 am & 4:40 pm
Wednesday: 12 noon
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North Campus

12727 Hillcrest Rd

Dallas, Texas 75230

WEEKLY Service

Sunday: 10:30 am



Buried with Christ

Baptism is an invitation to come and die. But it is also an invitation to finally belong.

When the Heavens Opened

The Baptism of Jesus reveals to us the single loving heart that beats behind the being of all things.

The Gates of Heaven

God’s gift of His Son makes it possible for all mankind to enter the Gates of Heaven.

Why does it matter that God became human? It’s a sentimental story, but is there more to it, something meatier and fuller? Our Gospel reading has much to say on why the Word became flesh and dwelt among us—so that we may know God, and be known by God, in the way that God knows himself. But what does that mean?

Seeing God, and Surviving

If we read the Old Testament and walk away feeling the same way we feel when we peek off the edge of a great cliff, we are doing something right. God is intimidating. And he has come to us in the form of a baby without ceasing to be who he is.

A Law or A Story?

Isn’t being a Christian mainly about following some moral commands from God?

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