Man-Up Men’s Mentoring

Faith-based men’s mentoring program at North Dallas High School is a collaboration and partnership between Church of the Incarnation and Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church.


Provide positive Christian male role models for young men at North Dallas High School to help ensure their success in school and life. Studies show that mentored students have improved attendance, graduation rates, and enhanced college/ career readiness.

Pastor Torres sends out a “Table Topic” each Monday that gives your conversation with your student guidance and meaning.
Topic/ Life Skills Driven: (examples of potential topics)

  • How to deal with peer pressure
  • How to plan for the future
  • How to set goals


Two to three parishioners will pair with four to six students—known as “big group.” Each parishioner will be the primary contact for one to two students—known as “small group.”


Weekly—small group will meet at the school for lunch and focused conversation based on the Table Topic of the week

Monthly—all big groups will meet for lunch in the school library and a lesson, to be determined by Pastor Torres, based on feedback and current events.

Students will be selected by school administrators, teachers, and coaches.


  • No special skills necessary
  • Federal background check screening
  • Safeguarding Training through Diocese
  • Volunteer orientation